The Grommet
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Authors need book reviews to get readers interested in buying and reading their books. Book reviews also help readers narrow down the many book choices, hopefully saving valuable time on deciding what book to read and actual reading time. This month’s book theme is the backstory. The books I read this month are all about
Despite starting from scratch, I hustled and grew my freelance editing, proofreading and copywriting business from infant to at least pre-teen in over a year. I’ve learned more about what I want to do and how I want to spend my time and effort than at any other time in my life. How has your
My favorite genres, memoirs and adventure sports, filled my June reading. Looking back, I can’t believe I didn’t have one fiction read. Hopefully, you will find one of these books marvelous enough to check out.
Marketing your book can be more challenging than writing it, that is why a book review is so essential for selling your book. A book review can do the marketing for you, while you concentrate on other marketing efforts.

New Website Launch for Rivet!

rivet blog introduction
I am excited about a new website launch for Rivet. Over a year ago, when I officially started my business, I was in a hurry to create a website. I needed to look legitimate and quick. The current website works great, but it needed a makeover now that Rivet has taken off. Within a week