Rivet Package Pricing
  • Ultimate

    Through briefs and collaborative conversations, I create assets that align with your marketing strategy—giving you more helpful and valuable content and ROI from every piece we create together.
    • Marketing Calendar for one calendar year
    • Each month includes three 1,000 – 2,500 word content pieces such as a blog, white paper, or video script.
    • 4 case studies
    • 3 Presentations
    • 2 Discovery meetings at 2 hours each
    • Monthly touch-base call (~ 1 hour)
  • Jump Start

    If you are reinventing your company’s image or starting anew, this content is a great way to introduce your products and services and can be used multiple times and in several different channels.
    • 2 discovery meetings at 2 hours each
    • Discovery company overview ~ 1 to 3 paragraphs to be used on everything from a website’s “About” section, press releases, presentations, scripts and more.
    • Company history and values ~ one page
    • Introductory Blog Post
  • Concierge Editing

    It’s not about the time; it’s about making it happen and getting results. This service is secure and confidential. It includes my on-call editing, proofreading and necessary rewriting of any material, outdated or current and includes my specialized knowledge, soft skills, quality work, character and personality traits.
    • 5 hours/week plus fast turnaround time and short notices for such content as:
      • Emails
      • Social media posts
      • Blog Post
      • White Paper
      • Ebook
      • Webinar scripts
      • Press Releases
  • Stand Alone Services:

  • Blog Posts

    Starting at $200
  • Web page copy

    Starting at $300
    500 words
  • Presentations

    Starting at $500
    • Opening meeting to discuss goals and content
    • Design, layout and content creation
    • 3 editing meetings to discuss drafts
    • Final version in presentation format
  • Long-form content

    Starting at $500
    White paper, ebook, case studies

*Please keep in mind I do my best to meet deadlines, but many variables can increase the time required to deliver a successful outcome.*

  • Discovery

    • One-hour call to discuss where you are at in the writing and publishing process. This can be a brainstorming session for your book ideas or a discovery call to understand your next best steps, what services you should and shouldn’t pay for, and if I’m the right editor for you. This is a perfect match if you are stuck on any step in the writing and publishing process.
    • If you purchase another editing service or package from me, I take the cost from the Discovery call and apply it to the cost.
  • The Framework

    This package helps move the ideas you have in your head onto paper.
    • One-hour consultation call
    • Thorough book outline, including character and conflict development mapping
  • The Builder’s Package

    Set a solid foundation for your book from beginning to end.
    1. One-hour discovery call
    2. Complete read of your manuscript with a manuscript evaluation
    3. Line Editing
    4. Proofreading
    5. Additional 1-hour call to discuss what you need either on the evaluation, copy edits, proofreading suggestions or next steps.
  • Make sure your manuscript is thoroughly vetted at each step to help increase interest and readership.
    1. One-hour discovery call
    2. Complete read of your manuscript with a manuscript evaluation
    3. One-hour call to discuss the evaluation
    4. Reevaluation of the revised manuscript based on previous suggestions
    5. Copy Editing
    6. Proofreading
    7. Additional 1-hour call at any step in the process
  • The Finishing Touch

    Be prepared for reader feedback before publishing and discuss any outstanding questions or concerns before publishing.
    1. A full read of your manuscript
    2. 4-page beta read and evaluation
    3. 1-hour call to discuss the evaluation and next steps
  • Tack On:

    If you have a grasp on what you need, all my services are available as a stand-alone option. These include:
    • Manuscript evaluation
    • Book coaching, outline development and consultation calls
    • Line editing
    • Proofreading
    • Beta Reading

*A $75 deposit is required upon signing. 50% of the remaining total is due three weeks after the project starts. The remaining 50% is due before the project completion.*

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