Editing for Business
business copyediting and proofreading

At work, we write a lot. Because we communicate so much through writing, our words represent ourselves. Accidental errors and silly mistakes can leave an impression that we brush aside details, don't know what we're doing, or don't care. Our writing reflects our reputation and the company and brand we work for.

Brands also have unique identities, and words should reflect these values. I write and correct copy that meets your company’s needs, so your message is streamlined in whatever you put out.

I work with clients on a project basis or as an on-call service, similar to a virtual assistant. I write cover letters, emails, about pages, blog posts, newsletters, proposals and more. I also help flag and correct silly mistakes to improve your work, so you come across as brand-focused and more professional, educated and dedicated.

Time crunches are not a problem. I'm always available for a fast turnaround and work within your workflow and deadlines.

business copyediting and proofreading

Services I Offer:


Writing compelling and conversion-worthy content.

Copy editing

Intelligent and detailed proofreading and editing. Clean copy amplifies your brand and personal reputation.

Brand Development

Team strategy sessions to grow your business, develop brands and improve marketing.

Two Ways I Provide These Services:

Part of a Team

Usually everything goes through me before publication.

Project Based / On-Call

Materials are only sent to me when proofreading, editing or writing is required.