Editing For Authors
manuscript editing and proofreading

I offer four services based on the step you are at in the writing process. I work with independent and first-time authors writing in the outdoors, sports, adventure, memoir and business genres.

I care deeply that your writing reflects your hard work and dedication. My ultimate goal is to ensure your readers have a speed-bump-free ride through your book.

Everyone is at different points with their writing, writing styles vary, and the language editors use to describe what they do can be confusing. A discussion and sample edit are great ways to determine what services you need. I highly encourage a phone or video chat to discuss your situation and what you need.

Services I Offer for Authors:


Line Editing

Line editing checks sentence structure so readers flow smoothly through the book, and your intention is clearly stated throughout.

  • Line-by-line suggestions on rewording or rephrasing (if needed).
  • Dialogue review. Is the dialogue authentic and used correctly in the story?
  • Character names and descriptions are appropriate.
  • Chapters are correctly sequenced and match the table of contents.
  • Check for time consistency and any copyright issues.
  • Viewpoint and tenses are correct and consistent.
  • Word choice is engaging and harmonious with the story and character's style/period.
  • Check for a natural flow and avoid repetition.


Proofreading is the last step in the writing process before formatting and publishing. Proofreading corrects any spelling, grammar, minor formatting or punctuation mistakes.

  • Correct mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Catch any missing or misused words.
  • Fix any minor formatting issues.

Beta Read / Final Book Critique

Before publishing, you may want a fresh pair of eyes to read your book for a new opinion. A beta read is a complete read followed by an honest review. It is designed for constructive feedback, and it is up to you how you use the advice.

A beta read is usually a stand-alone package; however, proofreading and editing can be offered if significant errors or structural problems exist.

Price is affordable but varies on content and word count. The intention is not to price you out of the publishing game. A short conversation about your writing will give me a better understanding of your intentions for the beta read.

A complimentary book review is included after your book is published.  You can view my book reviews on my blog page or on my Goodreads account.


Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is a full read of the manuscript and an editorial report or overall critique. I cover any significant issues with the story's structure and character development. It is the first step in the editing process.

  • A full read of the manuscript and overall critique. A summary of strengths and weaknesses and what needs to change to enhance the appeal and further engage readers.
  • Plot development and check for the proper sequencing of events.
  • Ensure the plot is organized and structurally sound.
  • Character development.
  • Analyze viewpoint. Is the point of view always used correctly?
  • Ensure the intention is clear and not lost with unnecessary scenes or descriptions.

Add-On Services

Additional services can be added to any other offering:

  • Researching and fact-checking
  • Style guide adherence
  • Scaling for readability