The Grommet
It’s due time for me to speak about ChatGPT. Have I used it? Yes. Do I use it every day? Yes. Do I love it and can’t live without it? Yes. Should ChatGPT get paid for writing? Heck no! ChatGPT is amazing. The ability to write anything in no time flat boggles my mind. I

The Best Books of Spring 2023

Spring is officially here, and with that comes the beautiful blooming trees in Northwest Arkansas (grab your Claritin). It also is a great time to review the books I’ve read since my last book review in September. There are a lot of books, so I’ve highlighted just five of the more riveting reads, and the
My birthday has just come and gone, so I will come clean with the fact that I’m (cough, cough) older than others. I admit I’m older, but I’m also wiser. For example, instead of tackling everything on my monthly list in one day and then getting disappointed that I didn’t do it all, I am
Going into my third year of business, I recognized that I was chasing the dollars but not the purpose. This left me worn and ping-ponging from one project to the next. I needed to make a change, improve my work habits and get focused. That is why I chose pinpoint for my word for this year
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I picked up running the summer between my first and second years in college. It was a great goal to start something new, shed the freshman 15, and it was cheaper than any other hobby. All I thought I needed was a good pair of running shoes, and I could head outside and try my